Soothing lullabies with words of affirmation to your baby

“No matter the distance, with Baby Melody, you will always be near.”
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Baby Melody provides a bridge of love and words of affirmations for babies through music.
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Connecting love and memories through calming music —


Moms can have a unique moment of relaxation with their babies. Baby Melody combines the universe of music with the powerful connection parents have with their babies.

Building Healthy Emotions

Blending words of affirmation with music is a powerful tool to help strengthen healthy emotions.


Nothing is more comforting than being in the arms of your mom.


More than ever humanity needs joy. Let us do that by bringing pleasant and enjoyable music to your baby’s ears!

Connecting love and memory through music —


Moms can have a unique moment of relaxation with their babies.

Building Healthy Emotions

Emotional connections play a crucial role in building strong emotions.


Nothing is more comfy than being in the arms of the mom.


More than ever humanity needs joy. The time to build that is with great sounds in mind!

Personalized Songs

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Letters of Love

(custom message + baby’s name)

A unique customized gift that will last forever!

Give the baby a gift that will impact the child's life forever: your words of affirmations and blessing. Record your message as a part of our instrumental song, a love letter that will make for an unforgettable gift to your baby.

Are you unable to see the baby immediately? With Letters of Love, you can be “present” in the life of the baby by sending a custom message that will have the sound of your voice in our song that they will appreciate for a lifetime!

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, an uncle, a cousin, a sister or brother, or even a close friend, Baby Melody will make a beautiful gift for you where your voice will be part of the sound of our music.

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Baby Melody - Baby In a Christmas Outfit

Designed with passion, buy with confidence.

Baby Melody songs are unique, yet powerful; simple, yet melodical. Songs made from the heart with your baby in mind.
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"Since I received the first song from Baby Melody, I play it for my baby to go to sleep."

My entire family loved the song for its calmness, peace that the song brings to our hearts
Gislayne Furtado
Every time I played the song for my baby, she smiled, relaxed, and went to sleep.
Ana Paula Bergamo