About Baby Melody

Baby Melody is a new concept of lullabies. The idea was born as a way for people to send messages with the sound of music specifically tailored to promote positive emotions and lull children to sleep.

Our Story

Baby Melody is a company that proposes to be a support for parents, promoting the well-being of children, since pregnancy to the child’s first seven years of life.

Our songs carry a quality seal and go through software to remove frequencies that are harmful to health. So, you can rest assured that your child will be listening to music that, in addition to being pleasant to the ear, brings health benefits, contributing to children's cognitive development.

The songs are a beautiful and affectionate gift, which will be forever in the child's memory!

What started out as a way to bring families closer together ended up becoming a source of inspiration to bring joy, peace and well-being to little ones through personalized music.Today, Baby Melody works by producing songs with words of affirmation, which provide parents and children with an environment of relaxation, tenderness and love, in addition to encouraging them to experience unique moments of intense connection, thus creating good affective memories.

Baby Melody's songs have been impacting not only the children's universe, but also parents, who have reported experiences and memories of their own childhood, when listening to the songs, which touch the soul. With that, we felt the need to expand our music to other groups and we made the decision to broaden the company's vision. Keep following our website, our social networks and soon we will have great news for you!

Viviane Baptista - Co-Founder of Baby Melody

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Designed to Perfection

Each melodic line, every arrangement, every chord, and each choice of instrument were handpicked in order to provide pleasant and calming sounds as a way to help to relax your baby.
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Designed for Bonding

Having a moment of relaxing with the baby is a perfect time to combine the power of music with the power of connection and bonding.
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Pride in our Craft

Baby Melody’s songs were meant to offer an enjoyable moment for both the babies and their parents. It is more than just music. It is the bridgepoint between the family and the loved ones, and for those who are far away.
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Brilliant Minds

Baby Melody also produces music aimed at a Christian audience, incorporating devotionals, poetry, and words of affirmation, always based on biblical verses and stories. Renan, our arranger and sound engineer, captured the concept and created very special arrangements that make you dream with your eyes open!
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created from the heart, for the soul—


Custom songs with your baby’s name or a message with our song as a background.


Every song and lyric made with the baby in mind.


Unforgettable bonding experience.


Music and memories that will last forever.


Reaching families from all over the world.


Every note in a pleasant harmony.


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Our customers matter to us.
Every opportunity we have to serve others is an honor, and we have a passion for delivering quality music for your family.